Visit Pomurje


Web design. Pomurje is a sun-drenched landscape around the Mura River, comprising Prlekija, part of Štajerska (Styria) and Prekmurje, which ascends from the river and stream wetlands of the Ravenska world into the wine-growing and afforested hills of Goričko with Lendava and Slovenian hills, as well as Prlekija with Jerusalem vineyards. While in the lowlands, you can relax in many thermal spas with springs of thermal waters. The locals on the wine-growing slopes can embellish your stop with unforgettable experiences with some good wine and culinary delicacies, while the sounds of the local band and the panoramic views of the vineyard terraces, church bell towers and cottages pamper all of your senses.

Content: Petra Bertalanič
Co-designer: Davor Kazija