Croatia up&down


Croatia up&down is a tourist agency providing exclusive trips across Croatia. It has two main bases of operation:
“UP” – the land (north and central Croatia) and “DOWN” – the sea (Dalmatia). The trips are also divided into different themes
which are: wine&food, history&archeology, culture&tradition, adventure, nature&mountains, national parks.

IDENTITY: The main logo is the presentation of land and sea – “up&down”,
the others cover different themes – locations of the trips. There are many combinations.

WEB: The web is divided into top (land) and bottom (sea) – “up&down”. If you want to travel the north you navigate the top side of the page,
if you want to sail the south navigate on the bottom. The web is equipped with custom interactive maps with marked locations and the path of the trip.

The identity is a work in progress. The website is under development (check it out in the web section)

Client: Croatia up&down
Art direction & web development: ITD