Imposter – Suzi


Animated music video for the truly amazing band Imposter and their single “Suzi”. The video is a collage of paper cut images, stop motion, hand drawn animation, old commercials and random stuff from the web.

Twisted Tales


Twisted Tales, a transmedia take on the familiar fairy tales and characters told through the medium of webisodes, TV series, story apps, AR experience and an educational program for teachers and parents. Character Design, Backgrounds and Art Direction. 2018-2019

The Undamaged


Animations and visual identity for the film “The Undamaged”.

Concert visuals


Concert visuals for Parni Valjak.

Parni Valjak – Samo ti


Animated music video for Parni Valjak – one of the most popular rock bands in the former Yugoslavia. Concept, direction, illustrations, animation and post-production.

Coverlover Na kratko


Animated music video for band CoverLover.



Multimedia cd contains short animations and videos. Animations are made with the technique of stop animation on paper, drawing on glass and collage.